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F/A-18E 64mm Jolly Roger RC Jet EDF PNP Version

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Product Information

The F/A-18 known as the Hornet is a supersonic, all-weather, carrier-capable, multi-role fighter jet, designed to attack both ground and aerial targets. Introduced in the early 80s and capable of Mach 1.8 (1,190mph) at 40,000 feet, it is still in active service around the world in roles such as fighter escort, fleet air defense, suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD), air interdiction, close air support and aerial reconnaissance. The F/A-18E has been a popular choice of fighter for aircraft carrier deployment. Strike Fighter Squadron 103 (VF-103), nicknamed the Jolly Rogers is an aviation unit of the United States Navy established in 1952. They fly the Hornet emblazoned with a sinister skull and cross bones on the tail fins, and it is these planes that have been reproduced in the model you see here.

This scale model of the real thing has been beautifully crafted using CAD technology and, this is evident in the realistic and high quality finish seen in this plane. All parts are pre-painted to a high level of detail, the jet really does look fantastic, and as an added bonus it's 95% built , with only a few stages of assembly to complete before you can take to the air.

This is a large scale model, 980mm long and with a 648mm wingspan, it looks awesome, dominates the sky and also improves the flying experience.

This plane is incredibly stable and has just the right amount of power; only a couple of flicks of the throttle are needed to get this jet taxiing and ready for take off. The Jolly Rogers model accelerates like a rocket and takes to the air with ease, and once in the air, that's when the fun begins! The F/A 18E can perform pretty much any aerial acrobatic maneuver you could possibly ask of it, but due to its stability it is a suitable choice of aeroplane for someone wishing to learn the thrills of model jets.

Product Features

  • Pre-painted foam fuselage & wings
  • Some Pre-installed electrics
  • CAD engineering quality
  • Stunning paintwork
  • 64mm electric ducted fan
  • State of the art components
  • Can perform amazing aerobatics
  • Is capable of the 'Cobra Maneuver'

Product Specifications

  • Wing span: 686mm 
  • Length: 980mm 
  • Flying weight: 560g 
  • Wing area: 10dm² 
  • Wing Load: 56g/dm²
  • Five 9 gram servos 
  • Brushless Powered: Powerful 15L inner runner brushless motor and 25A ESC

F/A-18E 64mm Jolly Roger RC Jet EDF PNP Version

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