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F-14 Tomcat Jolly Rogers 6CH Twin EDF Top Gun RC Jet - RTF

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Product Information

Like all the planes in the Starmax range, the F-14 is finished in the factory to a high standard and represents an excellent replica of the real aircraft. But this one is special, not only does it look like the real McCoy but it shares most of the functionality of the real thing too. The variable geometry or swing-wings on this model jet actually work, as does the landing gear, thanks to its 6 channel electronics. You can control each position of the wings from fully open to fully retracted. How good does this jet look with the wings fully retracted?


This model is an amazing 3D aerobatic aircraft, and capable of incredible speed. The twin engined punch that this plane packs allows it to perform a full aerobatic display: inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins are all possible. If you're really good you will be able to perform the famous 'Cobra Maneuver' with this Tomcat.*

Product Features

  • Pre-painted foam fuselage & wings
  • 80% assembled
  • Pre-installed electrics
  • CAD engineering quality
  • Working swing wings
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Stunning paintwork
  • Twin 60mm electric ducted fans
  • State of the art components
  • 2.4G Transmitter 
  • Can perform amazing aerobatics
  • Powerful batteries
  • Approx 15min flight time
  • Range: 1000m

Product Specifications

  • Wingspan: 1100mm
  • Length: 1086mm
  • Flying Weight: 1100-1300g
  • Radio System:2.4G 6Ch Tx and 6 Ch Rx
  • Twin 70mm ducted fan
  • Twin motor: Powerful 2430 outer runner brushless motor
  • Twin ESC: 45A ESC 5A UBEC
  • With variable sweep wing, retract system
  • Battery: 3200Mah, 14.8V 20C Li-Po with balance charger

F-14 Tomcat Jolly Rogers 6CH Twin EDF Top Gun RC Jet - RTF

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